Program List

Browse a complete list of the programs we offer.  Have an idea for a new one?  Check out our Consulting and Facilitation services to see how we can help you build your dreams!

501(3) non-profit organization

Peace production programs


A community wellness initiative, with programs like ImaginAction and the Healthy Food Festival

art of breathing

Learn Kriya yoga from certified instructors for whole body wellness


a youth life, culture, technology, demonstration, and learning site blueprint

everland youth

discover apprenticeships and educational connections for teens and young adults

futurementory films

Learn filmmaking and produce a film as if your greatest dream has already come true


Discover a community leader development program designed to enrich business practices

heartistry teachers

A network of certified Heartists building their dreams with global community resources

Imagine this dream

Discover the process of visioning and learn how to empower your dreams

in step with vincent

Learn messages of the heart from Vincent Van Gogh and his brother Theo


Book a session to Discover how you work with the Personal Guidance System

Rays of service

Learn how communities can build dreams together with this unique model

synergy sphere

Learn how sectors of society interact and co-create to build a world that works for all

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