What are the sectors of society? how do they work?

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Dive deeper into community leader development with a program designed to enrich current business practices and co-create new ones

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synergy sphere

Learn the 12 sectors of society, how they operate independently, and how they can interact for local and global co-creation

A society based on 12 spheres of influence creates a flower of life pattern that thrives. We each operate through all the spheres with focus and interest in specific spheres.

Discovering who we are as a community is an endeavor worth taking

Following Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work and example we bring a process where everyone has a voice, an action, and an impact on the whole community. 

Bringing together all community stakeholders

Key individuals who know the community well help bring others to the table for conversations and explorations as to who we think we are and where we would like to go together.

Are you ready to grow your sphere?

No matter which sector of society your influence is in, you can learn how to better co-create your vision. let us help you through our synergy sphere model and through our intensive consultation services.

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