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PGS: personal guidance system

The pattern of 12 is found historically throughout the world. The 12 around 1 pattern includes the wholeness of the self in the center, surrounded and supported by 12 equal aspects. Each aspect interacts with the others and meets in the middle as personal expression.

Learn about your Personal Guidance System.  Sessions are available for individuals and close groups of family or friends.

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During the natural experience of living, sometimes aspects of ourselves get distorted.  Some are expressed more, some less, and the imbalances turn into things like discomfort, diseases, judgements, and thought patterns we struggle to overcome.  

dive deep with questions

Do I know who I am, beneath the “shoulds” and “should nots”?  Do I allow myself to see things from different perspectives?  Do I ask questions of myself honestly, and accept answers that are different than I may have anticipated?  Get to know yourself on a deeper level with questions that inspire.

learn how you work best

Through the process of cross-examination of the aspects and how they interact with each other we can move from dissonance in ourselves to clear internal communication, which then becomes clear communication with our external world.

use what you've learned

Through the process of harmonization, we might discover that one aspect steps forward and speaks in a specific situation while another aspect steps down to support the message.  Differing and flexible levels of communication create a harmony that allows for genuine individual expression.

Once you know yourself, how will you serve?

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