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Peace Production’s staff have decades of experience working with businesses, start-ups, non profits, and governments.  Let us help you grow your vision through our consulting and facilitation services.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Contact us for a custom designed program.

training : board development

Having the right Trustees on your Board ensures the success of any organization. Training, recruiting, strategic planning, establishing and reviewing policies and procedures, and fiscal responsibility are some of the areas where Boards often need guidance.

evaluation : organizational health

Thorough examination of all relationships in a non profit including business accounts, interpersonal relationships, office management and procedures, donor relations, and volunteer relations, will reveal where the strengths and weaknesses are in an organization.

mentoring : executive directors

Guiding ED’s through the process of knowing where to focus their attention provides for organizational stability. Board and organizational support for this key position are critical for non profit success. We will guide the ED into developing strong relationships with Trustees, staff, and the community at large, while mentoring as they bring forth the organization’s vision as directed.

fund : development

Establishing regular, recurring fundraising activities to ease the burden on staff and volunteers. Grants, Annual Funds, Endowments, Service Fees, and Project Based Fundraising offer healthy support for an organization. Individual organizational fund programs are enriched by community collaborations. We bring experience in creating unique fundraising activities that become foundational annual events.

marketing : materials development

Effective brochures, business cards, event flyers, and web based information are crucial for any business including non profits. Letting your clients and customers know what is happening is a great way to stay connected. We create rich newsletters that inform and educate as well as engage readers to take actions.

healing : individuals & groups

We offer mentorship and guidance for those going through the self-healing process. A wide range of modalities are available such as Kriya Yoga, energetic health practices, and neuro-divergent assistance. With Peace Production’s Laying on of Hands Healing Ministry we also hold classes, workshops, and retreats to support individual and collective healing journeys.