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a youth life, culture, technology, demonstration, and learning site that provides a blueprint for repeatable educational structures


develop in-community solutions with a wellness initiative that includes events like Healthy Food Festival and ImaginAction

rays of service

discover the aspects of community, how they interact, and put a plan together to achieve your group goals

Picture your community as a garden. That could mean your family, your pets, the schools your kids attend, the spiritual and religious groups you associate with, the small businesses you support, or others.

It takes variety to truly nourish us.  It takes collaboration and cooperation in the environment for a garden to thrive.

The Rays of Service sphere illustrates how community health grows like a garden and needs worked, like a garden, and just like with all growing things there are seasons for each phase.  In community life that translates to seasons for outward productivity and seasons for rest, times for learning in school and times for play, times to dream on our own and times to co-create dreams with those around us.


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