Community Wellness


Community Wellness

explore local community building programs &
learn about the Rays of service

Discover a community wellness initiative in development.  Support local youth with a Mental Health Summit and help develop in-community solutions.


A youth life, culture, technology, demonstration and learning site that provides a blueprint for repeatable educational structures with cutting edge technology.

Join an annual two day event and learn how food is a foundational part of the health of our bodies, our communities, our healing, and our world.

Explore how imagination can become action!  Dream bigger with a two day event that dives deep into what we want to create and how to make it happen

Is your community growing?  Is it healthy?  Do you tend it?

Picture your community as a garden.  That could mean your family, your pets, the schools your kids attend, the spiritual and religious groups you associate with, the small businesses you support, or others.

It takes variety to truly nourish us.  It takes collaboration and cooperation in the environment for a garden to thrive.

Join a local event or book a consultation & build community health

The Rays of Service sphere illustrates how community health grows like a garden and needs worked, like a garden, and just like with all growing things there are seasons for each phase.  In community life that translates to seasons for outward productivity and seasons for rest, times for learning in school and times for play, times to dream on our own and times to co-create dreams with those around us.

explore some of the questions that might be asked:

Sun: Step forward

  • Is everyone given the opportunity to shine?
  • Do you take your opportunity?

Tend: Take care of what’s fragile

  • What do you take care of?
  • Do you allow yourself to be taken care of?

Harvest: Gather resources when they’re abundant

  • What resources are available to the community?
  • What resources do you have to share, like time or influence?

Sort: Allot resources for distribution

  • How are resources distributed?
  • Are they distributed fairly?

Serve: Give back

  • How do you give back to your community?
  • Do you receive when others give back to you?

Save: Keep things in reserve

  • What needs kept in reserve for a later time?
  • Do you balance sharing your time and energy with saving your time and energy?

Rest: Recharge and heal

  • How is time to rest viewed?
  • Do you take time to rest when you need it?

Prepare: Get ready

  • What do you do to get ready for a project?
  • Do you take time to dream?

Till: Lay the groundwork

  • What steps need taken to make an idea reality?
  • How do you start working on a project?

Prune: Trim the unnecessary

  • Do you have a process for eliminating what isn’t needed?
  • Do you do that in yourself and in your environment to keep yourself and your projects healthy?

Plant: Trust the process

  • When is it time to let go for a little while?
  • Do you trust the process of a project?

Nourish: Feed the dream

  • How is your community enriched?
  • What keeps your dreams fed?
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