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Kriya: The art
of Breathing

the art of breathing

Combining the most ancient art of Kriya yoga, the yoga of breath, with modern western scientific understanding, The Art of Breathing teaches self healing through the lens of personal development and self discovery.

Focusing on what is proven to be effective without connection to religious methodology we encourage each individual to learn about the vagus nerve and the interplay between it and the gut-brain axis.  Everyone knows how to breathe to sustain life, but there is a more intentional way to breathe that can both change the physical body and heal the mind.

In-Spire means to breathe in, yet inspiration is more than just breathing.  Breath is key to accessing our creative ability.  By knowing HOW to breathe for the best  body functioning, we access our personal creative talent and inspiration manifests through action in life.  Kriya and Pranayama are specific breathing exercises that have been tested by science and proven to alleviate symptoms of many illnesses, disorders, and syndromes that plague humanity.


Practicing touching and soothing each emotion allows for cellular, emotional, and mental change.  In inner stillness we become aware of where energy is blocked in the body, and learn techniques to release those blocks and allow peace to flow.  Recent scientific studies show that the vagus nerve when impaired, is responsible for or contributes strongly to stress related diseases, disorders, and illnesses, such as:

Depression – PTSD – Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Anxiety – Panic Attacks – Mood/Hormonal Swings – Fibromyalgia – Alzheimer’s – Obesity – and More

“Yogic breathing is a unique method for balancing the autonomic nervous system and influencing psychologic and stress related disorders.  Many studies demonstrate effects of yogic breathing on brain function and physiologic parameters, but the mechanisms have not been clarified… a sequence of specific breathing techniques … can alleviate anxiety, depression, everyday stress, post-traumatic stress, and stress-related medical illnesses.  Mechanisms contributing to a state of calm alertness include increased parasympathetic drive, calming of stress response systems, neuroendocrine release of hormones, and thalamic generators.”
Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons
Richard P. Brown, M.D. & Patricia L. Gerbarg, M.D.

This technology that is both cutting edge and ancient, Kriya Yoga, is brought to new life through the Art of Breathing program.  New studies bring this practice to the forefront as science discovers the power of self healing through breathing exercises and the workings of the vagus nerve.  All of humanity may benefit from this take-home practice.  When youth experience the awareness of breath and exercises, they are more easily guided into their personal passions.  When elders experience the breathing exercises and wisdom shared, they begin to heal their bodies from years of trauma.  When veterans experience the healing of the practice, they are able to see themselves more clearly and reprogram their nervous system from the trauma they experienced in military environments.

“Of all the various functions of our autonomic nervous systems, from heart beat, perspiration, hormonal release, gastrointestinal operation, neurotransmitter secretion, etc., the breath stands alone as the only subsystem the conscious mind can put into ‘manual override’ and so it is through manipulation of the breath that we can recalibrate the entire system.

Having an understanding of the dual nervous systems, the relationship between unhealthy vagal activity and a myriad of diseases, the knowledge of how the health of our nervous systems directly corresponds to our mental health, it makes sense that healing the vagus nerve can have profound benefits.”

Frank Hugeunard,


Andras Maros studied at Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship and became a teacher in the Art of Living Foundation tradition.  He brought the teachings to Hungary and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Mayana Kingery is a healer who has used this practice in her self-healing from fibromyalgia.

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