Greenprint for Gaia

Solution for pollution

inner Environment is outer environment

Our mission is:

to sustain and harmonize those in our community amongst Climate change.

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CommUNITY Food Sovereignty
Seed Saving, Sharing, & Permaculture
Edible Food Forestry & Forestry Methods
Bioremediation & Composting

working with local farmers & agriculture
to prevent crisis by presenting solution

The vision came in in 2017 after being involved with several environmental & social justice issues that were starting to come out on the frontlines.

One of the biggest of these recent awarenesses was Standing Rock & the importance of clean sacred water for future generations: Water is Life
Our focus is on Seventh generational practices around food sovereignty, water, clean air, soil, sustainable housing solutions, resolving stress, mental health SOULtions, and creating new paradigm ways of thinking that express “Inner environment is Outer environment.”
We see solution-based opportunities that are heavily funded by, grants, in-kind donations, community love & support. Our educational platforms are celebratory, hope filled, universal faith based, & life-changing.
Awareness is the key. 🔑
We focus on Solutions and awareness by bringing heART centered educational platforms, installations, Hands-On DIY, and Grassroots to Visionary Implementations.
We work with universities, businesses, spiritual centers & way showers that cocreate think tanks for collaborative efforts focused on all facets of environmental stewardship. Our focus is on hosting events, galleries, festivals, and gatherings that put people’s hands into the Earth. We will do this by planting seeds for the future, modern barn buildings, and even creating higher plant growth yield.

3 to 5 year plan

Greening the grid with alternative power
eco-resourcing, food education,
housing for harmony
standards for reducing, reusing and recycling
harmonizing and balancing nature's design
earth stewardship & environment energy balancing

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We green the grid by educating people on Embracing Simplicity with the basics. We ALL influence the future with how we purchase  as much as sustainable as methods allow.

We realize amongst a climate shift a climate crisis is going on as many people are seeking the Carolina Mountains for relocation & refuge. We must do our part to all educate transplants about the delicate ecosystem& how important it is to keep these mountains green & clean. We educate people that less is more and a household of 5 can easily live in a 1200 square foot “Sustainable hOMe” that is green built.
In 2004 I hosted my first ever Eco conscious Music art event called Gr33nwave at Roper Mountain Science Center for the school district of Greenville County.R.M.S.C. is where I also taught school children cymatics, electronic music production and sound design, brought in Buckminster Fuller salons with when a Fuller’s younger protégés that grew up with him in his early years due to his father’s business partnership with Fuller. We also dialed in to sacred geometry projection mapping in the planetarium, nature-based music geometry programming.
GR33NWAV3 was a Consortium of forward thinkers based on environmental influences.
Amongst those, we showcased those who used water to create electricity & energy, known as hydroelectric power. We had a solar powered electronic music showcase for the event.
Pressing forward:
In 2005 there was a shift in my awareness to being a participatory part of my own outcome future and destination in those in my immediate circle. As a mother of a teenage son, I started viewing everything in life as a decision to influence positive or the opposite.
As a huge participant of the Independent electronic music scene,  advocate for science and technology, the arts and humanities, & conscious expansion on a ” grassroots, hOMegrown and visionary level, I started realizing that the environment was a part of this work. I opened up my second all age Music Arts Space that served as an experimental audio official gallery allowing not only creatives from Upstate South Carolina/ W.N.C. but the region and the world to join us for expressing, experimenting, expanding and educating genres, philosophies, practices & principles based on multiple subcultures and walks.

We feel the biggest disconnect in humanity right now is the separation from nature and ones' own body, mind & spirit.

We feel the biggest Diss-Ease that is challenging the planet is the lack of awareness that there is no separation and as we breathe the air the trees are in symbiosis and so is all nature.

The future timeline is uncertain as many are figuring out the hard way that we cannot do business as usual on our planet Gaia.

We feel many are waking up to climate change and the potential expedited shift that it could not only have on others, but our own backyard.

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Embracing Simplicity meant: Everyone sitting down at the table to find one commonality and spiraling out from there.

From Bluegrass to Yoga, from Veteran to beat oriented music, to environmental education, Southern Hospitality And Local agriculture all are one.

We all live on this planet & breathe the air!

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The path to least resistance holds the direct implementation for humanities evolution in an environmental crisis. Native Americans live based on circadian cycles and seasons. We believe that one of the reasons that humanity is in default ~ environmentally and otherwise ~ is due to lack of awareness that there is no separation. If we all consider that in every deliberation we must consider the next seven generations, we will see climate change shift rapidly. Humanities absence from overwhelming consumption was proved during two days in the beginning of the pandemic.  When not creating a massive carbon footprint, nature started to recalibrate. 

We feel that every human being on this planet right now has a responsibility to personally manage their carbon footprint and that the clock is ticking for humanity to “make it or break it.” This ground zero climate and environmental awareness is that foundation for New Earth to grow upon.

Let's CoCreate!